The Band

Hannes (bass), Kurt (guitar) and Toni (drums, bg-vocals) played together in various bands for years. Tom (guitar) accompanied them some years later on their musical journey. Wolfgang, the frontman, being the newest member of bughouse has hooked up with the guys in late 2011. Highly focused in releasing their debut album "deafening silence" on the 01-19-2014, the band got together in the studio recording a bunch of songs for the record. During that time a video of the first single "fallen" was produced and is ready for release as we`re writing these lines.

Musically bughouse would be best described as an alternative rockband with a twist. As with "fallen", although themewise quite carrying a dark mood, being a potential radio smash hit,  the audience will be relieved by "whole new world" a ballad of innocence where the birth of a child changes everything.

As "whole new world" opens the doors for someone`s faith, truthfulness and future, "Headless" closes them instantly with its dark 7-string intro-riff revealing man`s deepest fears.

"Kneeling in disbelieve and sorrow, no time`s left not a second to borrow,
when the end is near all seems so clear, i`ve lost everything."
(Textline from “Headless” from the album “deafening silence“)

So hope and despair mix up during this incredible intense album, proofing bughouse ability for songwriting and dynamic guitar rock. "We want the record to be the best work we possibly can deliver - we`re not compromising on anything here be it radio suitability or  being commercial. It will just express us artistically pure and without a net.”


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