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Soon after our CD release party in the Cselley Mühle in Oslip, Burgenland the famous austrian Heavyzine STORMBRINGER published a review of our new CD 'deafening silence'. Seems the guys like our kind of music - thanks a lot. Rock ON!
Read the review (in german) here »

Working on new songs

Just after our CD presentation we are already working on new material. And of course we are trying to play a lot of live gigs in 2014. Stay tuned for new dates!

New CD 'deafening silence' is released

After months of editing, mixing and mastering we are very happy to announce that our new CD 'deafening silence' was released on the 19th January 2014. We were hosting a presentation show with (of course) live performance in the famous B72 on the Viennese Gürtel.

For all the people who couldn't make it there that evening, we have a small image gallery here to get an impression of the concert. 


(thanks to Armin Plankensteiner for the great pictures)

Dates and more

What are we doing right now...

Right now we are preparing a lot of songs for our new CD, which we will record later this year! Song writing is almost done and we have at least 9 new groundshaking cool songs for you. Be prepared ;)

Review - 10.10.2014, Eisenstadtkeller in Eisenstadt

Every seat taken in the bar! Thank you Eisenstadt for your unbroken and heartly support - also for our supporters Protoype. 

Review - 4.12.2014, Winterfest im Prater Wien

It was really, really cold this time... but still hot! This years gig at the Winterfest in the Prater Wien was awesome. The crowd was going crazy and rocking with us. Hope to see you next time. 

Review - 17.5.2014, Wiener Stadtfest am Heldenplatz

We were rocking the Wiener Stadtfest last may with our Unplugged Set - and what can we say? The crowd loved it! Thanks to everybody who watched.

Review - 26.4.2014, Cselley Mühle

Our gig at the Cselley Mühle in Oslip, Burgenland was a huge success! We presented our new CD 'deafening silence' to a fantastic crowd there! It was a lot of fun for us - thanks everybody!

bughouse rocks the Viennese Prater!

bughouse was the inofficial opening act for the Christmas market on the Riesenradplatz in the Viennese Prater.

Third single 'I've lost my faith' is released...

The third single of the soon arriving album 'deafening silence' is called 'I've lost my faith'. Plug in and listen to it on our music page »


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